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Why choose an Audiologist?

Audiologist Niles, IL

When you do compare hearing aids, the first question is NOT whether you want to buy analog or digital hearing aids. Or what brand or style you are going to buy or any other question about hearing aids themselves. Hearing aids are essentially all the same, so the key is finding a highly trained, experienced Audiologist that is right for you.

First, check the credentials of the person. Are they an Audiologist? They should be.

Audiologists have a Doctorate or other advanced degree and are highly trained to evaluate the entire auditory system and perform diagnostic assessments to help rule out any medical issues that can have serious consequences.

A masterís level audiologist has a six-year degree and you will most commonly see M.S or M.A behind their name. A Doctor of Audiology will have an Au.D. or Ph.D. behind their name. The other credential you should look for is a valid state license to practice.

You are embarking on an adventure toward better hearing. You need to select the professional you are going to place your trust, your money, your time and frankly your hopes. This might be something you have not given much thought, but it may very well be the most important decision you make.

You are going to be spending time with this person for years to come! It is important that it is someone you feel very comfortable around and someone with whom you can communicate effectively. You will need to trust this professional to be able to openly discuss the difficulties you have been experiencing with your hearing loss and the communication difficulties it has created for you. Being open and frank about the impact your hearing loss has on your spouse, your family and friends, as well as your performance at work, is critical to your success.

The person you select should have the educational background and the practical experience you need, but they also need to be a good communicator and a great listener, capable of translating your experiences into a technical solution to resolve important communication issues. They need to be patient and committed to helping you hear as well as you possibly can. The last thing you want is a professional who is delighted to sell you hearing aids and then avoids you if you need adjustments or coaching.

Do you trust them? Would you feel comfortable referring your friends to this person? If you can answer yes to these questions you are on the right track!

Do a bit of research on the professionals around you:

  • Ask for a referral from friends you know who have been successful with hearing aids. Did they respect and trust the person they worked with?
  • Ask your Primary Care physician which hearing professional they refer patients to for hearing loss and hearing aids. Remember, this person reflects either a positive light or a negative light on the physicians themselves; normally they select other professionals very carefully.
  • Again, make certain they hold a valid audiology license, are in good standing, and have no dubious complaints against them. Every state has a licensing board for Audiologists. Check your stateís web site for information.

If they have a business website spend some time looking around. Are they professional? Does what they say about themselves and their company fit with what you are looking for? Do they give you a clear reason why you should select them? What sets them apart from the other professionals in the area? Is their website an information resource? (This will tell you if they believe in patient education).

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