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discover what you need to know before you even consider buying hearing aids by following three easy steps!

Are you embarrassed or frustrated when you misunderstand others?

Does someone you know suffer from hearing loss, but does nothing about it?

Do you feel like a hearing aid will make you look old?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you, a friend or a family member may be suffering from hearing loss. The good news is there is someone who understands your concerns, someone who can answer all your questions and someone who can offer solutions to your specific needs.

Discover if hearing loss is impacting your ability to enjoy all the sounds of life by taking these three easy steps:

1. Understand

We invite you to watch our FREE educational video designed to answer all of your questions about how you hear the causes of hearing loss and the most advanced technology in hearing aids.

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2. Download

Continue your learning experience by downloading your free Guide to Better Hearing from the Better Hearing Institute. This book will help you get the information you need to know in writing before you make a costly mistake.

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3. Schedule

Partner with a team of experts to determine the best personalized solution for your communication needs. Celebrate the sounds of life with the most advanced technology on the market today.

Education of family, teachers and the general public about hearing loss is crucial. Being able to guide someone to determine if a hearing loss is present is the first step to formulating a plan to prevent social isolation, as well as educational and career stumbling blocks. Dr. Stern-Weisman feels that a support group of family and friends is important for the individual with a hearing loss, and welcomes them to take part in the process with the patient.

Find out if you or friend or family member is suffering from hearing loss. Call (847) 966-0060 today to schedule an appointment for your hearing assessment or a consultation.

Our Mission

North Suburban Hearing Service is committed to supporting the individual with a hearing loss to be educated about hearing and achieve the best possible hearing in a comfortable, friendly environment, while encouraging family and friends to take an active supporting role.

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