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Dear Dr. Stern-Weisman (Phyllis),

Wearing hearing aids has changed my life. I can take part in conversation most of the time. I can hear water running. I love the sounds of the birds. I hear the locusts at night. I can take better part in worship and all else in chapel. I know now when people are talking to me and understand what they say.

You are always so helpful and kind when I come. You never make me feel I am a bother or I am wrong in coming. You really care and I love you for this. I could continue but this is long enough.


Sister Isabel

After our most recent appointment, I found myself thinking about how fortunate I have been to have found you to help me with my hearing problems.

In my practice of law, the ability to hear is of critical importance. The ability to hear and understand not only the words, but the nuances of speech can be the difference between success and failure.

After Mayo Clinic found my hearing to be seriously impaired, I sought to find the most qualified Audiologist in Chicago and the Northwest suburbs. I feel myself extremely fortunate to have discovered you and I believe myself to have been very well served. I am particularly appreciative of your acute awareness of the latest developments in the field and your willingness to work with me to find the best aids for my particular hearing deficiencies and needs, particularly as they change from year to year. I have a sound basis in experience to trust your competence and interest.

It is increasingly rare to find a professional who takes the time to listen to concerns and resist the temptation to prescribe "one size fits all" solutions in the interest of time and volume. You are one of those "rarities" and I am very grateful.

William D. North

I just wanted to say "Thank You" for all you've done to change my life. You have made the experience of wearing a hearing aid so easy. I appreciate all the time you took to explain many options. Wearing the hearing aids has also made a difference to every member of my family. When no one else was willing to listen to my concerns you were there like a special angel.

I also want to thank you for treating me like a friend and someone I feel has had an impact on my life.

BonnieLee Gin